The information collected in the database is the pillar of all CMMS.

When renting or paying monthly or annually for the use of a CMMS, you DO NOT own the database and your information is in the hands of a third party. By purchasing a license of use, you own the database and you will always have access and control over your information

What happens if I cancel or stop paying the software subscription or rent?

When you cancel the subscription or stop paying for the use of the CMMS, you will automatically lose all your work invested in the formation of the database (Equipment catalog, Maintenance plans, Fault history, History of maintenance performed, Inventory of spare parts, etc.). Even assuming that you were given your database, without the software that gave rise to it, you will not be able to continue working in the maintenance management of your company.

What happens if the provider to whom I pay monthly for the use of the software disappears?

If you do not own the license of use of your CMMS, in case of bankruptcy or disappearance of the supplier, you will not be able to have the software to access your information and your work of years forming a database will be lost.

A CMMS like the MP is backed by more than 25 years of permanence and leadership in the market.

January 23, 2013

Benefits of implementing a CMMS like MPSoftware


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