Send maintenance requests to the MP from your mobile phone

MPmobile is the app that lets you send maintenance requests instantly to the MP program manager from your mobile device.

Available for FREE to all MP Empresarial users version 9

Unlimited number of mobile devices

No subscription or monthly rent


What mobile devices are compatible with MPmobile?

MPmobile is compatible for all mobile devices with iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) y Android operative systems.

What is the MP version compatible with MPmobile?

MPmobile is compatible with the MP Enterprise version 9 program, if you have purchased the Basic or Professional version, you can update your MP program to the Enterprise version to use MPmobile.

An internet connection must be required to use the MPmobile?

Absolutely yes, it is a requirement, your mobile device must be connected to Internet to send requests to your MP program.

Request activation

Once the app is installed on your device, fill out and send the following form to activate the MPmobile service in your MP. You will receive the instructions and your access data to use it.