Desktop App

User and database manager

User and database manager is a program that allows you to create, manage and maintain the databases of all the programs of the MP version 10 suite; as well as managing user accounts and their respective security levels that will allow actions within the programs.

The MP allows you to create several databases to independently control the maintenance of different industrial plants, buildings, areas, etc.

Manage your databases

This desktop app allows you to manage the databases you work with in the Maintenance Management (MP), Spare Parts Inventory, Tool Control and Request Manager applications.

From it you can make backups of your databases, restore or unlock them when necessary.

Manage database users and their permissions

Once a database has been created, it is important to define the users who will have access to it. From the Database and User Manager you will be able to create users and assign them permissions according to the functions they are going to perform. As the user registration is by database, a user can be registered in several databases and in each one have a different user profile.

Track each user’s actions

When you access the database in a shared way on a network, all the actions that the different users or authorized persons perform on the database are recorded in the transaction log, thus allowing the actions to be tracked with date and time. executed by each user.

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Optionally, we offer training courses in our offices or at your facilities.
For more than 25 years we have reinforced the learning of MP maintenance software with the delivery of face-to-face training courses with highly qualified personnel on the subject of maintenance management.
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