About the installation, access to the program and video courses.

Installation of Free MP Basic

Step 1

Download and run the file “mp9_bs_mn_en.exe” on your computer. If the file was not downloaded automatically when entering this page, you can download it in the following button.


Note: The software that you download from this page is secure. Our software comes with a certificate of Verisign originality that guarantees that our applications do not contain malicious code or viruses.

Step 2

Run the file “mp9_bs_mn_en.exe” and click on the “Install” button to place the installation files in the temporary folder C: \ CD_MP9.

Step 3

To install the program, run the file SETUP.EXE located in the temporary folder (C: \ CD_MP9).

Click on “Install” when the following screen appears.

Access to the MP and create an initial database

Execute the program

Double-click on the MP shortcut created on the Windows desktop during installation.

CMMS MPsoftware desktop icon


When running the program for the first time, you will have to register. Complete the form and then you will be able to start working with the MP immediately. The registration is automatically performed through the Internet. If you do not have access to the Internet, please contact your distributor so that he provides you with the access keys.

3.Example databases and creation of new databases.

The program includes a database with examples that will allow you to practice and browse the system. Once you decide to start the set up, you will be able to create new databases in all the blank entries. Access permissions that each user will have in the program may be also registered. Visit the Complete Course to know more about the creation of new databases.

Access the Video Course

To ensure a successful MP implementation, it is very important to take some time to watch the 7 videos of the Basic Course before starting to work with the MP. The average time to watch the 7 videos of the Basic Course is approximately 1 hour and a half. However, we suggest that you access the trial program after watching each video and practice the knowledge acquired using the sample database included in the trial program. This practice will consolidate your knowledge on the subject and, if you have any doubts, a second watching of the video will definitely clear it up. We recommend not moving onto the following lesson if you have not understood the previous one.

Once you finish watching and understanding the 7 lessons, you can create a new database with all blank entries and you will be able to start the implementation of your computer based maintenance program.

We offer 3 ways for accessing the Video Course:

1. From the MP

Once the installation is completed, you can access the Video Course from the MP program, from the Spare Parts Inventory or from the Tools Control program.

Select the “Help” tab located in the Tools Bar of the program and click on the “Video Course” option.

A window with the Video Course menu immediately opens up. Here, you will find more than 90 videos organized by modules. To access the Basic Course videos, select “Basic Course” from the left hand side of the screen. The video list appears on the right hand side of the screen. Click on the video you want to consult.

2. From “Windows start”

You can also run the Video Course from the Start Menu of Windows, go to Start > All Programs > MPsoftware and click on Video Course.

3. Downloading de video course

The MP Course has more than 90 videos organized in modules or courses.


MP Basic Course in 7 lessons The Basic Course in 7 lessons is designed as a quick guide to start setting up the MP in a short time. The 7 videos last approximately 1 hour and a half and include operation and basic functioning concepts. Once you have understood the 7 lessons of the basic course, you will be able to start setting up the MP.
Complete MP Course Once you have acquired the basic knowledge, you will find a great variety of additional videos in this course which will broaden your knowledge Product, showing additional modules and helping you discover a lot of advanced functions that will help you make the most of your maintenance program.
Spare Parts Inventory Course This course explains everything related to the Spare Parts inventory and its link to the MP.
Tools Tracker Course This course explains everything related to the Tools Tracker program and its link to the MP.
Job Requests through Internet or Intranet Course This course explains the mechanism to report maintenance job requests through Internet or Intranet and how the personnel in charge of the maintenance management receive those requests.

Do you want to take full advantage of the program’s functionality?

Optionally we offer training courses