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Why is it Free?

No tricks, No catches and No credit card required.

We know that it takes time to start seeing the benefits that come with implementing a maintenance management system and yet it is difficult to find free CMMS downloads of a full-featured software like the MP that you can use for unlimited time and without any restrictions. With the time limited evaluation demos that the competition usually offers, you will be able to take a glimpse of their general features and what they do, but their trial periods are never long enough for you to implement them and truly see how they work. And most importantly, see for yourself the benefits of implementing a CMMS.

In order to see results with a CMMS implementation, data must be entered and the entire cycle of scheduling, generating, and closing work orders must be completed.

Based on the fact that many routine maintenance activities are performed at frequencies of 1,2,3,6,12 or more months, time limited trial programs won’t ever give you the opportunity to complete the maintenance cycle. And furthermore, querying historical data can only be carried out after working with the program for a period of time. We know that nobody wants to put their efforts into keying data into a system that will soon expire.

This is why we consider that only by offering free CMMS downloads for an unlimited period of time, can we truly give you the opportunity to see for yourself the many benefits of implementing a CMMS.

Once you start to see results, it’s very possible that you may want to upgrade to a higher version. Your entered data will not be lost upon upgrading your software to a higher version. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the free CMMS download we offer is a very comprehensive one, and if you do not wish to upgrade, you may use our free version for life, without any restrictions except those inherent to the basic version as specified above.

MP basic features vs MP Professional or MP Enterprise

MP Basic

  • Equipment Catalog
  • Locations Catalog
  • Plans Catalog
  • Routine Maintenance Jobs Schedule
  • Control of Non Routine Maintenance Jobs
  • Damages Query
  • History of Maintenance Jobs Performed
  • Control by Date and/or Readings
  • Work Order Generator
  • History of Closed WOs
  • Equipment Open WOs Query
  • Automatic Calendars Generator
  • Failure and Root Cause Analysis
  • Scheduled vs. Performed Jobs Graph
  • Failures and Stoppages Graph
  • Microsoft Access Databases

MP Professional

All MP Basic Features plus:

  • Spare Parts Inventory Module
  • Tools Control Module
  • Labor Catalog
  • Suppliers and Services Catalog
  • Definition of Customized Fields for Equipment
  • Images Association
  • Attachment files
  • Predictive Maintenance Measurements Registry
  • Out-of-limit Measurements Alert
  • Measurements History Graph
  • Resources and Maintenance Activities Association
  • Query of Associated Resources
  • Resource Flow
  • Voucher Generator
  • Supplies Registry
  • Vouchers Query
  • Consumption Query

MP Enterprise

All MP Professional Features plus:

  • Module to Report Maintenance Requests over the Intranet/Internet
  • Distribution of WOs Graph (based on the workload assigned to each worker)
  • Scheduled Stoppages Calendar Generator
  • Maintenance Indexes
  • Follow-up and Control of Guarantees
  • Information Export
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 Databases
  • Oracle 9i/10g Databases

Restriction of the Free MP Basic version

All the databases created with this free version, may be operated only on the computer where they have been generated.

If in the future, you want to migrate and work with those databases on another computers, you will need to purchase a license.


How to make the most of the functionality of the MP?

Optionally we offer training courses