Manage the maintenance of your fleet in real time. 

MP10 is compatible with more than 1100 models of the most widely used trackers worldwide.

The MPsoftware team offers an optional service to help you synchronize your trackers information with the MP10. Contact Us

Monitor in real time:

✅ Temperature

✅ Speed

✅ Odometer

✅ Location

The MP obtains the vehicle's readings and measurements in real time.

The MP Alerts module notifies the maintenance manager in real time if there is a reading or measurement close to limits or out of limit.
For the maintenance manager, this information makes it easier and faster to generate preventive maintenance work orders based on readings or measurements.

View the real-time location of your vehicles from the MP.

Know where your vehicles are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the MP10 equipment module.

Internet of Things

Take your maintenance department to take the next step towards digital transformation.

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