Access the MP programs and databases from anywhere with the Internet.

MPhosting is a service that we offer as an option to host the MP version 10 suite and the databases on one of our servers in the cloud.

Hiring the hosting service MPhosting:

✅You do not need to install the MP suite on your computers
✅ You do not invest in servers
✅ You do not invest in database or operating system licenses
✅ You do not invest in antivirus
✅ You always have the software updated with the latest revision
✅ You get a backup of your daily information

MPhosting is compatible with any operating system

All the functionalities of the most robust and professional CMMS in the palm of your hand.

With MPhosting you will be able to have all the information of your maintenance department documented, organized and updated from any tablet or laptop regardless of the operating system.

Consult and document information about your assets and locations at any time.

The MP allows you to document and consult:
- Technical data
- Maintenance plans
- Spare parts
- Provider data
- Images
- Blueprints
- Diagrams
- videos
- Notes
- Guarantee
- Geographic location
- Last maintenance carried out
- Upcoming maintenance
- Alerts about measurements near or out of limits
- Need to update readings
- Pending work to be done

Create, control, update and monitor work orders from anywhere

Streamline the generation and monitoring of work orders, assign them to the personnel according to function, record the labor used to carry out each OT, check the progress of open OTs and the history of closed OTs. If you require mobility, with MPhosting you can do all the aforementioned actions from any tablet and from anywhere with internet access.

Control your spare parts inventory professionally from a Tablet

The spare parts inventory is connected to the PM to calculate automatically and in a timely manner the supply of spare parts and consumables that must be supplied to comply with maintenance programs. With MPhosting you can take absolute control of your inventory wherever you are. Generate warehouse vouchers, record consumption of used spare parts, control your entry and exit movements, make transfers between warehouses with the multi-warehouses tool and much more.

MPhosting pricing

MPhosting is an OPTIONAL service that will give you mobility and independence with your systems department.

MPhosting for up to 20 simultaneous users
$1,890 USD per year.
MPhosting for up to 40 simultaneous users
$2,270 USD per year
MPhosting for up to 100 simultaneous users
$ 3,140 USD per year
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Do you want to know more about MPhosting?

In the learning center you will find more technical information regarding MPhosting

Visit Learning Center

MP version 10 is 100% operable on Tablets with Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

More and more tablet models are incorporating Windows as an operating system, including a variety of heavy-duty off-road tablets.

If you have a Windows 10 tablet:

✅You do not need to contract the MPhosting service
✅The Mp suite is installed directly on the tablet
✅You can connect to the databases located on the servers of your company
✅You can connect to the databases hosted on any server in the cloud or any web hosting of your choice
✅You have free and unlimited technical users

Here we show you a List of compatible devices with the MP.

3 GB of available disk space and 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended) are recommended to use the MP.