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Tools Control

Tools control system allows keep organized and up-to-date all the information regarding the tools, devices or instruments that each employee has in safekeeping.

*Included in the Professional and Enterprise version MP version 10.

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Download our tools control system for free, which helps you to manage and monitor your tools safekeeping. Tools Control program is included in the free version of the maintenance management MP version 10 suite.

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Complete documentation of your tools

The tool control allows you to document all the information of your tools with images, attachments and specifications.


Like our spare parts inventory system, the tool control program handles this option, which is very useful when you have products located in more than one warehouse. When the Multi-warehouses option is activated, the program allows you to transfer tools between warehouses, check the stock of a tool in each of the warehouses, etc.

Warehouse comparison

The tools control program of the MP suite version 10 also allows you to consult all the relevant information of various warehouses, allowing you to consult among them the stock of tools, costs, movements, locations, etc.

Movements of inputs and outputs to the tools warehouse

The movements in the tools warehouse are controlled by foliated documents, where the tools that entered or left the warehouse are settled. When the user generates a new input or output document, the program assigns a consecutive folio number to the document.

Movements of safekeeping and return of tools

The MP will keep control of the tools that each person has in their possession, and as the tools are returned, the program will be in charge of keeping that control updated.

Stock control in the warehouse and in safekeeping

In this module, the user will be able to consult the stocks of tools in the warehouse and those that are in the safekeeping of the workers, as well as the names of the people who have them in safekeeping.

In this way, the existence of the tools to carry out the tasks of maintenance management.

Control of tools safekeeping by employee

For all those tools that are in safekeeping, the program allows you to check which people have the tool in their possession, the deadline for its return and the corresponding tool safekeeping document number.

Tools control by serial number (Optional)

The user can optionally document and mark those tools that he wishes to control by serial number. In this way you will be able to keep a precise control by serial number of the tools that you have in the tools warehouse or in safekeeping.

Tools Package Formation

The user can form and define packages with various tools. For example, a basic tools package could consist of a toolbox, tweezers, a screwdriver, etc. When generating a receipt document, the user can import any of these predefined packages and they are automatically loaded into the receipt document all tools contained in the package.

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Control safekeeping and returns of all tools delivered to workers. The program allows, among other things, to consult online who has or where is each of the tools.