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MP version 10

The MP version 10 is a set of applications that centralize all the information of your enterprise assets, automate maintenance processes and give you tools and data to optimize the maintenance management at your company.

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+25 years of experience

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Maintenance Management

A robust and professional Enterprise CMMS that will make your maintenance management job easier than ever. Simplify the creation, control and monitoring of work orders, easily plan all maintenance activities, and much more. Implement your MP preventive maintenance program right now.

Spare Parts Inventory

Every detail is designed for absolute and professional control of your spare parts. Discover the potential that the MP version 10 inventory system offers.

Tools Control

Keep organized and up-to-date all the information regarding the tools, devices or instruments that each employee has in safekeeping.


MPmobile is the app specially designed for maintenance technicians in field. This app allows them to consult equipment information, record the activities carried out to update work orders, & record usage readings and equipment measurements from their mobile devices .

MP requests

MP requests is the app that allows you to send maintenance requests instantly to the MP administrator from any mobile device.

Requests sent with this app are registered in the database of the maintenance program MP, keeping the maintenance administrator instantly informed about any request or contingency.

Technicians and consult

Application Technicians and Consultation it was created especially for consultation-only users and technical users in charge of executing and providing feedback on maintenance work.

Request Manager

From this application, the maintenance manager will be able to consult all the maintenance requests that were sent and will take the decision to register them or not in the MP for their attention, keeping the requestor informed about the status of their request.

Request Reporter

Reporter is the desktop app that allows you to send work requests to the maintenance manager from a PC. All requests sent from this app can be consulted by the maintenance administrator with the Request manager.

User and database manager

Databases and Users Administrator is a program that allows you to create, manage and maintain the databases of all the programs of the MP version 10 suite; as well as managing user accounts and their respective security levels that will allow actions within the programs.

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More than 25 years of experience

Experience count when you select your CMMS provider. We have been working in high-end preventive maintenance projects since 1974 and forming new maintenance consultants since then. From our first version to MP version 10 we have taken into account the opinion of our clients for developing better solutions.

About MPsoftware

Free & unlimited technical support

You can schedule a support video conference or remote assistance whenever you want, or you can reach us via e-mail or chat.. You are always welcome to consult our FAQ site or access our Support Forum. Free and unlimited technical support is provided in English and Spanish.

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100% compromised with CMMS implementation

Wether you prefer learning by yourself with our Free 24/7 Knowledge Center, an Online Training, or an On-Site Training, we provide specialized consultants who can help. Additional to that, we offer a 5 hour online training with every purchase.

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MP10 is compatible with most used enterprise databases & Cloud

To meet the IT department needs, MP version 10 is compatible with Oracle, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, & Firebird databases. This databases can be installed in local PCs, local server or local networks. Otherwise you can access to your maintenance information on the cloud via our Cloud Services  MPcloud or MPhosting 

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MP10 is compatible with IoT devices

Having access to all data from machinery in one network gives manufacturers the ability to accumulate and analyze the data and transform it to better predictive maintenance. MP version 10 is compatible with a wide range of IOT devices.

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Worldwide presence

Local presence in United States, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Perú and worldwide presence through authorized distributors. This way, we facilitate local tax deductible bills and on-site implementations.

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A professional, accesible, and easy to use maintenance tool. MP10 allows us to assure no scheduled maintenance is missed”

Carlos Pensa
Maintenance Manager

“The software has helped me a lot to keep a good control of my maintenance and I have had great results in audits”

Victor C
Maintenance Supervisor

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