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The app MPmobile is a tool specially designed for maintenance technicians in the field, which allows them to consult the equipment information, record the activities carried out to update work orders, record usage readings and equipment measurements in the MP from their mobile devices .

* Available for the Enterprise version.



Scan this QR code to

Download the App (32 bits)

Generate and print the QR codes of your equipment from the MP, then place them on your equipment

To have quick access to your equipment by scanning its QR code, from the MP you can print said QR code and physically paste it on each equipment. The QR code will be unique for each team.

Scan the QR code on your device to consult the equipment information

Immediately consult relevant information about the team

✅ General equipment information
✅ Notes and pictures
✅ Information regarding maintenance (date of the last maintenance, upcoming maintenance, open OT, etc.)
✅ MPmobile will also inform you if the device requires the recording of a reading or a measurement.

Record measurements from your mobile device

All measurements that are recorded and processed in the MP are stored in the database for consultation, thus generating a history of measurements. With the values ​​obtained, the MP generates a graph, thus allowing the user to predict a trend to anticipate the failure.

Record your equipment readings

Due to the importance of constantly updating equipment readings, MPmobile allows the field technician to capture equipment readings in their path to send and record them in the MP with the exact date and time they are captured.

Check your work orders and update the activities carried out

✅ Scan the QR code of the equipment to check the maintenance activities pending to be carried out.
✅ Check the work orders and activities that you have assigned.
✅ Document the activities carried out with images of before and after maintenance work.
✅ Send the MP the date you did the activities.

Free and unlimited users to use the MPmobile app

MPmobile is available free of charge to all users of MP Enterprise version 10. Each MP use license has an unlimited number of users to connect with the MPmobile app.

Now it’s easier to connect to your MP version 10 databases from your MPmobile v.10 app!


When entering MP version 10 from your PC, select the option “start using my databases” and click next.


Secondary click on the database that you want to connect to check its information, a QR code will appear.


When opening the MPmobile v.10 app on your phone, press the button to scan the QR code that appears when consulting the information in your database.

What mobile devices are compatible with MPmobile?

MPmobile is compatible with all mobile devices that have an iOS operating system (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and Android.

Do I need to have an Internet connection to use MPmobile?

Yes. To use MPmobile it is essential that your mobile device has a connection to the Internet and to the network where your MP database is hosted. In order to connect with your mobile device, the databases must be hosted on a local network with connection to your mobile device, a web server or our cloud servers (MPcloud o MPhosting).

How many users can use MPmobile?

MPmobile is available free of charge for all users of the MP Enterprise version 10. Each MP use license has an UNLIMITED number of users to use the MPmobile app.