Access the MP from any personal computer or mobile device with Internet access

Access the MP from any personal computer or mobile device with Internet access without having to install your MP program on these computers.

MPcloud avoids the need to invest in your own IT infrastructure, as well as dealing with IT terms, configurations and server administration to access MP in shared form.

What is MPcloud?

MPcloud  is the cloud hosting service of the MP program and/or its respective databases, with which you have immediate access and at all times to your information, wherever you are, from any personal computer or mobile device with Internet access, without having to have your MP program installed on those devices.

Why hire the MPcloud service?

The MPcloud service avoids the need to invest in your own IT infrastructure like servers to access the MP program in a shared way.

MPcloud avoids the end user from dealing with computer terms, configurations and administration of servers to access the MP in a shared form, allowing him to take over what really interests him, the maintenance management.

How does MPcloud work?

By contracting the MPcloud service we provide access to an exclusive server in the cloud for each client, where we host your MP program with their respective databases.

By means of a simple link accesses the program MP through Internet in an easy way, simple and without complications.

Do I need to have an MP license to get access to the MPcloud?

Yes. The MPcloud service consists of installing and hosting your MP program in the Cloud, so you need to acquire or have acquired a license of the MP program.

Do I need to have the MP installed on my computers?

No. By having hosted your MP program in the cloud, you can access the program with any device and from anywhere with Internet access without the need to install the MP on your computers or devices.

If I have the network infrastructure, I have installed the MP on my computers and I just want to host my databases in the cloud, can I do it?

Yes. MPcloud is also the option for all users who only want to host their MP databases in the cloud.

What other advantages does MPcloud offer?

For users with databases in Access, MPcloud offers its migration to much more secure, robust and reliable databases.

Can I stop using MPcloud without losing my information?

Yes. Remember that the information in the database is yours, as well as the license to use the CMMS MP program. Therefore, if you at any given time decide to dispense with the MPcloud hosting service, we will deliver your databases and your license in order to install it on any other computer to continue using your MP program without loss of information.

With MP and MPcloud, all the information and the License of use, belong to you

With MPcloud, the database information belong to you, as well as the license of use of the MP program. Therefore, if at any time, you want to suspend the MPcloud hosting service, we will be giving back to you, the databases and the License of use, to install the program in any other equipment and keep using the CMMS with your information.

Maximum performance, stability and usability on the cloud

With MP and MPcloud, you get all advantages of a desktop application like speed, usability and high performance, joined with the mobility and easily access offered by the cloud to work in a collaborative way from any device and from anywhere.

With MPcloud, you are not depending of your Internet browser

Being the MP program a desktop application does not require specials configurations nor versions of your Internet browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

Because we know that your information is the most important

With MPcloud we are hosting your information through the Amazon company who is a Cloud Service provider with a worldwide presence, warranting the availability and integrity of your information.

Companies like Spotify, Netflix and Dropbox are using the Amazon hosting services.